Vision 70

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Laura's Vision 70

Hello Sweet T~

Did you see the moon the other night? It was simply AMAZING here! I needed my sweet man to help me capture this night shot as I have always had trouble shooting evening pictures (if any of you have any suggestions for night time photography PLEASE let me know!). This brilliant moon siting happened so quickly! We were out grilling some dinner when we spied it and no sooner did we get this shot before the moon was completely covered by clouds. I felt so lucky to have had this moment with the “SUPER MOON“. It reminded me once again how quickly time goes by and we need to savor every second of it!


Vision 70 Tina

Dear Laura,

Being at the beach all month with my parents and capturing a lot of photos of their visit, I heard a large chatter of birds the other day.  I turned around and found these birds on the telephone wire.  I believe they are starlings, which are known to be a big pest because they have adapted so well to urban areas resulting in a lot of them.  To see this large flock was pretty impressive in sound.  Do you ever see starlings in your area?  I remember them clearly when we lived in Boston years ago and they would descend on our neighborhood with their raucous partying ways.  Have the birds started to return up by you?  The past few weeks I have seen them in their V flight patterns heading north….a sure sign that Spring is headed your way.


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One thought on “Vision 70

  1. I love both visions…but the Super Moon is so mysterious! I had a clear sky (for a change!) where I live…nothing this dramatic! Thanks for posting these images for all to see!!

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