T.A.O.S. round Two

Laura's work on TAOS round 2

Dear Friends,

Laura and I have been busy creating our new series of work together.  Details on our first Two Artists: One Surface project is HERE.  We feel that this project is embodying not only the spirit of our collaboration, but also getting to the source of our process that makes this unique to any collaborative work being created we have seen or done so far.  This process involves a critical eye, creative problem solving, and a sense of risk/curiosity to try new work.

We are finding that this project is often tugging at our notions of what an art practice is and can be.

It certainly shatters the stereotype of the artist as singular.

When I received Laura’s 12″x24″ panel when she visited January it looked like this….

TAOS panel round one by Laura

I have finished my additions to this composition to make it complete, which I will post next week.  Yeah, I am trying to have you hang around a bit longer… in the meantime here is an in-process shot while I was thinking through my response to Laura.

TAOS round two...Tina begins

Some parts are there in the final piece and some have been eliminated.  Such is the process.  Come back next week for a picture of the completed work.


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