ReVision 8

Tina ReVision 8 (dark)hey T~ In looking at your image I was reminded of the MANY MANY lazy canoe trips I have taken on the Saco River in Maine. It was something I looked forward to every year with the same group of friends, which we affectionately called, “the gang.” Those were simple, carefree times where you could drift along, feeling alive to the day, forgetting about work, school and anything else pressing. We even called them “no care weekends.” I created this image in Photoshop, thinking about your contour line drawing from last week . I reversed the lines to get the feel of a quiet moment on a moonlit night. Don’t we all need moments to pause in the moonlight, recharge our batteries and connect with nature and friends? You always seem to know just the right image to post when I need a little reflective time. xoL

ReVision Tina 8-22-09
ReVision Tina 8-22-09

Dear Laura,

In looking at your beautiful photo for this week I was caught by the juxtaposition of human-made objects along side nature-made objects.  I suppose we should argue that we are nature, just as Daniel Quinn so eloquently wrote about in his novel Ismael.   Yet it seems that humans make objects with 90 degree angles, straight edges, and level lines more often than the curves we often see in nature.  I created this image in photoshop to represent this juxtaposition and how I was thinking about the impact humans have on the planet.   I enjoyed another week of thinking and creating images with you Laura!


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