ReVision 67

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Our Visions for the week:



Our ReVisions for the week:

Laura's ReVision 67

Dear Tina~

It was fun to look around my studio for “collections” like you shared in your Vision this week. I didn’t think I had any specific collections but as I looked around my studio I realized I had many like things grouped together which of course did make little collections~I just hadn’t thought about it. This image shows one of the nooks in my studio nested on my newly acquired funky vintage bookshelf (my latest love). I have two cigar boxes from my husband, old carved printing blocks from an antique store, vintage blocks, my favorite books and handmade heart with a story. It was timely to think about these collections as I have been really looking closely around my home examining my surroundings. I would like to invite our readers to share their collections with us in the comments. Wouldn’t it be fun to learn what other people collect?


ReVision 67 Tina

Dear Laura,

Your Vision this week had me thinking about light.  I am a very sensitive person to lighting in a house.  I can’t stand the glare of a ceiling light in the room and prefer the warm and cozy feeling a floor or table lamp can give to a space.  This is also true for incorporating natural lighting into our home.  Today I was admiring our pear tree in the back, which is now in full bloom, and the light reflecting off the clouds and through the branches.  This light reminded me of those lights in your Vision photo this week.

Hope you are all enjoying the weekend.


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