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Laura's Vision 67

Dear Tina~

I have been thinking a lot about my house and how it is decorated and began questioning whether I surround myself with the things I truly love. Trying to be mindful of my husband’s taste I realize I am pretty lucky he is for the most part indifferent to my decorating style (aside from having a slightly more modern aesthetic than me). Since Brett & I consolidated our houses almost 5 years ago now (hard to believe!) I realized I still have things I am holding onto that may be time to release. Being a big fan of feng shui I recognize the importance of “clearing my clutter” as a starting point for decorating. This started with my clothes (no small feat) which took a good part of my day yesterday but felt SO GOOD! I also spent some time pooling over my stash of design magazines with HGTV quietly humming in the background. Much like artwork, inspiration for decorating is everywhere. The giant glitzy wreath and sparkly chandeliers which graced the restaurant I visited in Providence today turned me onto my “glam” side. I am not sure how I would incorporate this into my home, but I love the light and airiness and could see myself incorporating that aspect into my home in some way.

Tina, I am curious if you have an inner glimmer “glam” side? xoLaura

Vision 67 Tina

Dear Laura,

I have been slowly adding personal items and arrangements to my studio since having it built last summer.   All of the items in this photo were given to me.  The glass jar was given to me by my late grandmother and the feathers were collected by my sons.  The books and dried flowers were given to me by friends. I always enjoy when someone hands me something they know I will like.   I know you have collections like these in your studio too.  Do you want to share  a photo of one of yours in the ReVision for this week?


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