ReVision 66

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Our Vision for the week:

Vision 66 Tina
Laura's Vision 66

and now our ReVision:

Laura's ReVision 66

Dear Tina,

Your Vision for the week was beautiful. It reminded me of my red glazed bird bath now in winter storage. I too enjoy the sculptural quality of the trees in their winter starkness and took this picture of the seagrass overturned by the winter snow along the river behind my house. It was the closest I could come to a New England winter birdbath! I often (to my husband’s dismay) do not cut back many of the spent flowers in my garden before winter to allow for the snow to give them some winter interest. There is something gratifying about cutting them back in the Spring and unveiling the growth beneath unfurling. Hope you had a good week!


Dear Laura,

Today I made myself a cappuccino much like I did for you when you visited.  I don’t often do this for myself but it was a nice treat as the rain poured down outside. This morning I went outside to draw and got stuck in that rain on my bike ride back.   I wish I could say that was fun, but it was a cool rain.  Now the sun is out and I am ready for some down time this weekend…wait, I don’t think I ever have down time but I can dream I will.   I hope you can carve out some down time this weekend for yourself.


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