Dear Laura and Friends,

Just a quick note to tell you that I got your T.A.O.S. artwork in the mail yesterday.  This one is really going to stretch my color palette.

It almost seems complete already….I have a few ideas on what to add/alter to this panel and will start on it tomorrow.

Laura, we need to post our final artwork from the second TAOS for our followers to see.  Let’s do that in the next week, yes?

I will leave you all today with a detail picture of Laura’s work.




I am looking forward to collaborating on another piece of art with you Laura.

Warmly, Tina

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One thought on “T.A.O.S.

  1. Hey T~
    Yes, I know I challenged you on the color! Feel free to collage or paint over anything! I was thinking of the background as more of a texture for you to build on. I guess it is payback for the “all white” panel you gave me to work on! Yes, we should post our 2nd TAOS panel next week. I cannot wait to see what you have done! xoLaura

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