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Dear Laura and Friends,

I have a few projects cooking in the studio this week.  One is a postcard I am sending out tomorrow.  I did a quick ten minute paper assemblage from an antique text and created a gesture drawing of this banana tree bloom I picked from my backyard.  I really did want to do this postcard this week and opted for one that was quick and easy given my busy schedule.  The frost got it before any bananas were able to ripen but I think the bud is elegant.

This one goes out to Avis G.  Good things come to those who comment!  Our postcards often go out to those who comment or sign up for the newsletter.  I hope you like getting some hand crafted mail Avis.

Another project in the works (actually it traveling through the US postal service as I type this) is my next installment of our Two Artists, One Surface project….

Laura and I actually started this together when she was here a few weeks ago so I feel like I am cheating a little bit.  Our project never happened because we ran out of time, but I really like our initial thoughts about the work. We copied random quotes from our blog, whipped them up in Photoshop and printed them on antique text pages. The photos are also from the days we spent together.

I thought it was great that Laura used this image of the coffee cups in her Vision for the week.  Have fun with it Laura.  I can’t wait to see how you complete this one.  Here is another sneak peek….

Keep in mind everyone that we have big plans to exhibit these pieces of artwork and perhaps have some sort of publication available at that time about this project.

Well, that is what I have been up to in the studio, in between teaching and parenting, the last few days.  I also have been enjoying Kim Klassen’s Photoshop class and will leave you with one of my photographs I altered.  Spring is on it’s way!


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One thought on “Working Table: Tina

  1. Tina~
    I can hardly stand the wait for your TAOS project to arrive in the mail! I love that you didn’t lose the thread we found in your studio while I was there and cannot wait to see where I will be with my work when it arrives! Also, I LOVE your photoshop image from the skinny mini course! Being away and now sick hasn’t left me much time to explore the class but your image will motivate me. I LOVE LOVE LOVE those textures she has! Thanks for sharing dolly! xoL

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