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Laura's Vision 66

Dear Tina~

I am at home sick today after indulging in a wonderful weekend at a magical cabin in NH with some of my fabulous high school friends. Even though it had been so long since we had all been together like this, we picked up right where we left off, reminiscing, snowshoeing, relaxing and catching up by a glorious fire with some lovely vino. Being under the weather reminded me of the picture I took of the luscious cappuccino’s you treated me to while I was visiting you last month. I was somehow comforted by this image knowing you have not been feeling well either. Here is to “being on the upswing”.

Health and healing your way…xoLaura

Vision 66 Tina

Dear Laura,

I know you look forward to the awakening in your garden each year, as do I.  There are some small signs here like the daffodils blooming and hydrangea budding.  I thought I would catch this tree in the reflection before it gets it’s buds for the Spring (we are a few weeks away before it hits).  I always enjoy the look of the bare trees over the tree with it’s full leaves.  There is something about that image of the branches that appeal to me in some sort of sculptural way.  Must be why branches are in my work so often!

Any signs of Spring your way yet?


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2 thoughts on “Vision 66

  1. Tina and Laura:
    I’m a tad late responding to this post but something Tina said about the tree reflection in the bird bath struck a chord with me. It’s something I think about often in winter. I actually get a bit melancholy thinking about losing the bare branches and naked woods as spring approaches and I’ll share with you something I started to jot down yesterday …

    “My name is Carol and I love the bare, naked trees and plants of winter. There. I said it!
    But wait. I’m in the wrong place. I don’t need to be here. I don’t need group therapy. It’s everyone else in the world who is addicted to the green of summer. They need Photosynthesis Anonymous, not me! They are the ones who need help in seeing the beauty in the raw, nakedness of winter woods.”

    The total green of summer I find almost suffocating, albeit I realize the cooling factor it provides. In winter I see a myriad of natural color tones in the trees and cannot explain how much I love seeing the varied shapes of the trees and seeing through the woods to places I can’t when they don their full dress of green. So, Tina, it would seem, as Laura noted a few weeks ago, we do share a similar appreciation of nature. It would also explain why I love the raw, rugged landscape of the west and the Sonoran Desert so much.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and giving me a place to mirror mine.
    Have a creatively filled day.
    Fondly … Carol

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