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A jazzy hello Tina & friends~

I have been inspired by LOVE this week and have been creating cards with fanciful hearts on them in lieu of my postcard for the week. I started them on Sunday by painting an abstract watercolor that I then cut up and added to. My intention was to have them all written out and mailed in time for Valentine’s Day (or shortly after) as an expression of caring and gratitude for the people in my life who are both close to me and who I don’t see very often. Like most things I do they took me MUCH longer than I had anticipated! Although MOST of them are finished I would like to take the time to write thoughtful, reflective sentiments and have decided to not rush and write them a little at a time. In the meantime I thought I would share a few of them with you. Sending you a day of bright sunshine & warmth!


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Heart cutouts with golden edges
abstract watercolor by Laura
close up of cards
a few more cards sitting on my studio desk

When was the last time you made a card? We would love to know!

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5 thoughts on “LOVE….Working Table: Mail Art

  1. I used to make cards all the time in college to write my friends all over the place. The tradition continued while I worked at the Environmental Schools – we made home made paper and crafted cards there too. My most memorable card was written on a birch bark scroll while I was hiking on the Appalachian Trail. With the advent of email my card making slowed and I think it has been years since I made a card by myself for a friend. I help my kids make them for their friends regularly – every birthday party they go to…. Ought to bring back my card making some day. It was fun and they were cool!

  2. Hi Deb~
    Thank you for sharing your story. I would have loved to have seen your card on the birch bark scroll! Did you do the whole Appalachian trail? Laura

  3. Hi laura, yes I did hike the whole AT – and would do it again tomorrow if I could! It was SO MUCH FUN. I daydream of hiking it again every spring… Right around the spring equinox I hit peak AT fever. hard not to drop everything and run away. Love the simplicity of having everything you need to thrive for days on end in a backpack on your back. Less is more.

    that birch bark scroll was pretty sweet. who knows if my friend saved it? Deb

  4. Hi Deb- Sorry for writing to you so late. It has been a busy few days. I love the idea of unrolling the birch bark to reveal your personal note. I didn’t know you made cards. I hear you that email has taken us away from these hand crafted projects. I used to write so many hand written letters to people. I suppose Laura and I are continuing that tradition here on the blog. It isn’t the same as getting that letter in the mail and holding it in your hand though….sigh. We keep talking about someday leaving for the weekend to go hiking and I would love to figure out how to pull that off. I also miss the long winding trail. I suppose our trail at this moment in time is on the soccer/baseball/football fields.
    Thanks for leaving your thoughts here Deb!

  5. I recently started exchange “mail art” with 6 other artists…and we all ended up making valentine cards for each other. It was fun seeing everyone’s take on this..and some great mail art to boot!

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