TWO year anniversary & a little LOVE for YOU!

Dear Friends~

Not only is it Valentine’s day it also happens to be L2T’s TWO year Anniversary!

We can hardly believe it has been TWO years since we started this blog! We have grown so much and feel so blessed that you have chosen to come along with us in our journey. Both of us are inspired by acts of kindness and would like to share these postcards with you in a little Anniversary giveaway. They are from our Vision/ReVison project and are printed on a warm, buff watercolor paper with a deckled edge, they are hand stamped on the back and individually packaged in an eco friendly package. Laura painted a little heart in honor of the day which will also be included. They will soon be available for sale in our Etsy shop!

Simply leave us a comment below letting us know how someone has shown you kindness. This can be great or small, as every act of kindness is significant and will inspire others. The winner will be picked randomly on FRIDAY. We are trying to encourage conversation on the blog so if you leave a comment on any post this week, we will enter your name again! Sending warmth and love your way…Laura & Tina

Four postcards from our Vision/ReVision project
Our postcards packaged up with a mini heart painting for the lucky winner!
mini heart painting by Laura
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12 thoughts on “TWO year anniversary & a little LOVE for YOU!

  1. I procrastinated this Valentine’s Day, so on V-Day eve, when I spiked a fever and was thrown into bed with a wild hot sore throat, I knew this Valentine’s would be a bust.

    After taking our daughter to school, my husband walked into our bedroom with his present and card for me behind his back– usually a slam duck in the foreplay book– and I had to say, “I don’t have anything for you…and I feel awful…can we wait until dinner?” I also knew I had nothing in the house for dinner, and didn’t imagine I would feel up to going out.

    I had to set the alarm to make sure I picked up my daughter on time that afternoon, so woozy was I.

    I picked her up, parked her in the books section of Target, and quickly grabbed the cards and gifts (fortunately, I had thought ahead– James Taylor for Lily and John and Yoko for Meili– we’re in a 70s music streak as a family.)

    Long story short– he did not complain about opening the presents in bed– me in my greasy hair and jammies, the kid around saying ewww when we danced to “Starting Over.” Neither did he grumble about going to get take-out Chinese for our dinner– or the fact that I double dipped in his garlic sauce because the restaurant forgot to pack mine– rendering the sauce henceforth germy and untouchable.

    I have a kind husband. “Make a wish, I’ll make it come true for you….”

  2. Lovely Cassie…that double dip and him not complaining- that is love. Sounds like you have a good thing Cassie.
    I will have to tell you this crazy thing I witnessed yesterday and the kind people who helped out. I was waiting in my car behind a very slow driver preparing to turn. As I was waiting I glanced over to the parking lot where this car was attempting to turn into and noticed a tree limb down and sprays of sawdust coming from behind the tree. As the car pulled into the parking lot, I pulled forward and I could see that a man was cutting down a giant limb of the tree and was seconds from falling. It was like time slowed to a crawl. As the chain saw was almost through cutting the limb, it started to topple and the car was slowly driving right under it. Well, the tree limb crashed right on top of the car! I couldn’t believe the possibility of bad timing. I also couldn’t believe the possibility of good timing because it only hit the drivers trunk (and shattered the back window glass). One second earlier and it would have hit the driver on the head….one second later and it would have missed the car all together.

    Three cars pulled over to assist the situation and everyone came out alright. Phew! It made me think about that old cliche “timing is everything” and also faith in humanity that when things go awry- there are always people willing to lend a hand.

  3. I remember a certain teacher who always encouraged me, was so very positive and loving that I felt like I could accomplish anything…. I completed a replica of “Starry Night” and it is now proudly displayed on my daughter’s mantle… thank you, Laura… I will never forget the kindness you showed me…

  4. Congratulations! I love your blog and I wish you many more years of success! Laura, thanks again for another wonderful class. Tuesday morning just won’t be the same now that class is over.

  5. Hi Laura and Tina, congratulations on your two year anniversary. I enjoy your blog very much.

    I work at St Joseph Family Medical Center in Hudson, NH as a per diem and I help out only once in awhile. Everyone goes out of their way to welcome me back each time and they make me feel that there wasn’t even a lapse in time. They are always so helpful and if I didn’t bring a lunch and they ask me to stay all day, they offer options in the kitchen to make me feel right at home. Its a warm and loving feeling when I am there.

  6. I have SO been enjoying these lovely stories of kindness. THANK YOU for sharing!
    p.s. Margo, I want you to know you totally made me tear up! Thank you for sharing that with me! I am THRILLED that you still have your “Starry Night”! I remember it very well and how hard you worked on it!

  7. Hi Tina & Laura,

    I love this concept of “Random Acts of Kindness”. There are so many little things that make me happy that it is difficult to just pick one. So here is a little list of gifts that have been quietly given to me that make my day brighter: I love it when my son gets up before everyone else TO LET OUT THE DOG. His little voice carries throughout the house (even though he thinks he is being quiet). I love it when the beds are made…it’s like having little house elves helping with the chores. It is ALWAYS lovely to receive a card without occasion a JUST BECAUSE CARD(thanks TINA). When my husband stops off a the drugstore to get TISSUES with lotion for a very sore nose. I was pleasantly surprised when someone (and I won’t name who…Laura) finished a stack of small framed watercolors for me when I was stressed out about the Open Studio. When the words “I LOVE YOU” are said without coaxing or without you saying them first. When you are told you are beautiful even though you are wearing an old sweatshirt. When little bodies climb into bed with you early in the morning for just one more cuddle before starting the day. When you are mandated to sit down at the breakfast table because someone has made you an omelet (thanks Ken). I could go on and on but my point is that these little, seemingly small, tasks are so important. It is not the big tasks or the life changing or life saving heroic measures but the everyday LOVE that speaks the loudest. I call these my little Valentines. Little moments that remind you of how much someone loves you or little things you can do to return the sentiment. THANK YOU for reminding me of this. Always, Millie

  8. Firstly, congratulations to you too. Tina, I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting you but I simply adore Laura and her warm, kind, patient demeanor (and amazing artistic eye which I envy).

    Now for someone who shows me kindness every day: my fiancee, Brad. Every day I feel loved and taken care of. Whether he’s cooking us dinner or helping with errands, I always feel like I have a stable partner who is affectionate, kind, empathetic and helpful. Who never judges me. Who always accepts me–even at my whiniest, snobbiest, and cryiest. Now THAT’s saying something. I can’t wait to marry him!

  9. Thank you, thank you Cassie, Margo, Cathy, Avis, Millie, Elyse, Deb, Carol (she emailed us-sometimes computers can be fussy so if you can’t leave a comment feel free to email one of us) for leaving your thoughts her on our little blog. It is a pleasure to have you all here and read your stories. I do believe in what Mahatma Gandhi said “Love is the strongest force the world possesses”.

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