Dear Laura,

I have been thinking about our banner and how it has the potential to define the work we do together with the public eye.  It has been a hard thing to wrestle with since there are so many projects we have created together.  How do we sum that up in a small little banner? I wonder if other bloggers have this same thought.   Perhaps we change the banner on a yearly basis to reflect the work we do.  I am posting an older banner I made because I think I like it better.  What do you think?

love, tina

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One thought on “Banner

  1. Tina~
    I have thought a lot about our banner as well, and appreciate the time you have put into all of the different combinations. I think you are right, it does have the power to define our work together. This is something I have thought of as well with my website and I think it can be a tricky thing, but know we will figure it out.

    I like the idea of changing it on a yearly basis to reflect the work we do. This banner is great! It is cheery, expresses our love of nature and our gardens, as well as giving a hint of our collaborative work. I think the abstract, collaged “landscape” was an excellent choice, as it is symbolic of our journey together. Whenever I think of us, I think of our journey as artists, teachers, collaborators, friends and learners. What comes to mind when you think of our work together? Laura

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