Expanding Perception

Dear Tina & friends~
Grab a cup of coffee, sit back and give this a little thought. I just loved listening to her! Isn’t it always about connection? So grateful to have so many wonderful connections and friends in my life. Love your way…Laura

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2 thoughts on “Expanding Perception

  1. This is excellent. Thanks for posting. Laura you and Tina come up with such great things. I always look forward. I am listening to it but forgot the coffee. Next time. Have a great Super Bowl Sunday. Avis

  2. Laura- TED talks are always inspiring and I wanted to thank you for posting this one. I have listened to it before, but it is one I feel that I could listen to weekly. There is so much in her talk and work that I feel could be used as a muse for writing and art making. “Living with your whole heart” is a scary mantra but one I see as essential. I don’t think I understood this until recently.
    Onward to a day in the studio and living whole-heartedly!

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