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We often pick people who have subscribed to our newsletter for this project as we LOVE meeting new friends and spreading unexpected joy! If you are interested in hearing our latest news and possibly getting a one of a kind, handcrafted, unexpected piece of mail please sign up for our newsletter in the right sidebar of this post. We appreciate your ongoing support of our work!

Laura's Working Table 2/4/11

Laura’s Working Table Notes: I have been thinking a lot about the people in my life, friends I see all the time and friends I miss as life flies by.  I recognize the importance of staying connected and painted this tree with the heart in it as a reminder of this. It is painted with watercolor and embellished with a little gold pizazz!

Laura's postcard for Bea
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2 thoughts on “Working Table: Postcard Project

  1. Thanks Sierra! I SO appreciate you taking a look at our work and am glad we are unravelling together too! Hope to stay in touch! Laura

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