Vision 64

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Laura's Vision 64

Dear Tina~

I took this picture while snowshoeing at Bluff Point. Usually you would see a sandy beach here but it is now covered in a thick blanket of snow. This is the most snow I have seen in CT since I moved here! The twigs are framing Ledge Lighthouse off in the distance. Not only is it a unique structure it is believed to be haunted! I continue to be fascinated by the history of the shoreline here. Charleston must have it’s own unique history I am sure.


Vision 64 by Tina

Dear Laura,

I have been revisiting some photos I have taken in the past year as a resource for my current work.  I am also continuing my explorations of altering these photos to create a mood.  This is a cypress tree reflected in the black water swamp. I hope this finds you well on this Monday.


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