Studio Visit Week: Leslie Wayne

Dear Friends,

Before we dive into some ideas about what we did yesterday, we want to refer you to our FREE ART GIVEAWAY. This will be open to submit (just leave a comment on that post) the whole time Laura is in Charleston.  When she leaves, the giveaway opportunity will be closed so when you have a second pop over and leave a comment on that post.  We will announce the winner on Tuesday.

After being interviewed on Cassie Premo Steele’s Blogtalk Radio show yesterday, we headed over to the Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art for Leslie Wayne‘s lecture and artist reception. Here is a brief description of her work, but please go to the links for more information.

Leslie Wayne’s dimensional oil paintings
continue to mine what she calls “the
tension between material memory and
morphogenesis.” The artist skillfully fuses
subject with object until her paintings
become physical manifestations that
illustrate the process of their making.

Let us fill you in on some thoughts that resonated with us while listening to her speak…..

Leslie Wayne started her talk sharing some of her early works which were more observational/traditional paintings. What we both loved learning about was how she was always pushing herself to try new things. She spoke about the importance of “play” in her work which she equated to free writing exercises but with different materials. It was through the act of “play” and creating little painting projects for herself that she discovered several techniques that she currently uses in her work today. Leslie’s scores semi-dry oil paint to reveal the layers underneath. These became a metaphor for the layers of experience we each acquire. These paintings create a visual tension with color which has led to other dynamic work. Let us know what you think of her work and process!

Laura & Tina

Leslie Wayne:Recent Work from John Reynolds & Lee Donaldson on Vimeo.

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