ReVision 63

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Tina and Laura’s Vision for the week:

Tina's Vision 63

Laura and Tina’s ReVision for the week:

Laura's ReVision 63

Dear Tina~
Yesterday I put on my long lost snow shoes and headed over to the Bluff for a little exercise and exploring with my camera. Since moving to CT it has only snowed enough to snowshoe one other time so I was BEYOND excited to be tromping about and finding peace in the quiet morning. I only saw one other person out on the trails and I was out there for HOURS without even realizing it. It wasn’t until I had to find my way back that I wondered if my legs would hold out! I had forgotten what a different kind of work out this is and probably should have cut my time in half. It was worth it though. I was mesmerized by the light and found these berries that reminded me of your crepe myrtle. I hope to get out again soon but certainly wish it is warmer in Charleston when I come visit you next week! Happy day to you…xoLaura

Tina's ReVision 63

Dear Laura,

I apologize for the delay of this ReVision, but all that I wrote earlier has been deleted by our lovely blog format.  These blogs are not set up for a collaborative approach so if two people are working on a post at the same time, the program only saves one person’s work.  Just a note for those of you trying to co-author a blog.

I will try to remember what I wrote yesterday….it was something like this~

Your picture this week is a knock-out Laura!  As always, I am super jealous of your gadgets.  I noticed that filter is for iphones (they have many that I really like).  Working with a budget flip phone, an outdated camera, no ipad, wii, blackberry, etc…I have to make due with what I have.  What I do have is a nice computer and Photoshop.  Determined to create an interesting photo like you did I did some internet researching.    Here is what I came up with.   First I took the photo outside in my garden.  We have had many frosts here but no snow like in your beautiful photo.  I then converted my photo to sepia color (to learn how check out this LINK).  Next I found a website that explains how to create an interesting edge to a photo (check out this LINK for instructions).  Not bad.   I think next time I will play with the sepia tone and create different edges.

Alright, I am done being mad at the computer for deleting the hour of time I spent crafting this post yesterday.   Onward!


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