Teaching my dream classes!

Laura's affirmation

Hello Sweet T & friends!

What you see above boldly stating “I do the work I LOVE” is the first affirmation in the book I began creating on Saturday in my Art & Affirmations class. THE MOST warm hearted, kindred spirits came together at my cozy studio for this class and I could have not felt more blessed. We started the morning gathering together with dainty teacups, coffee & cookies, generously sharing what we most wished for ourselves in the coming year. Affirmations are different than resolutions in that they speak of TRUTH and are in the present tense as opposed to something you aspire to do in the future.

Laura's Affirmation book

It often takes courage to ask for what you really want and trust that it will happen so I applaud everyone for being so vibrantly open. Positive Affirmations are something I have tested, use in my life and truly believe in. I shared how I use them in my daily life and how they have worked for me. The most poignant example of this is with my affirmation of “doing the work I love” which was one I worked with last year and want to continue to foster. Here we are one year later and I delighted to say this workshop is a perfect example of how this has happened~how cool is that?!?!?

Laura's affirmation book. It is a two sided accordion book.

After leaving my beloved teaching position in NH I wondered if I would ever find such joy in a job. DCS had allowed me the freedom to teach from my heart in a self-directed manor~this made all the difference and helped shape who I am today. When I moved to Connecticut I worried that I would never find this again but set the intention that I would find an audience for both my artwork as well as my style of teaching. I wished to act as a guide among like-minded people that I loved being around. This class like the many of the classes I have been fortunate to teach here in CT was a true testament to this dream of mine.

I am working with twelve affirmations in all.

This year I am setting the INTENTION to create and teach more classes like this at my peachy studio. I cannot describe how much I love being there every day and I wish to share that sense of comfort and bliss with the world so stay tuned await more goodness! I will leave you with some pictures of the finished books.

Carol Watson's Affirmation book

Carol has her own unique style which is reflected in this book. You can see more of her work on her beautiful WEBSITE.

Carol Watson

We set a date to have all of them complete in two weeks so you can anticipate more wonderment but I honestly couldn’t wait that long to share them when the pictures started coming in!!! Can you see why? Aren’t they lovely? Each one is utterly unique and special.

Kathy Johnson's affirmation book

They are the perfect size to slip into your purse to carry with you.

Kathy Johnson
Kathy Johnson
Millie Donovan
Millie Donovan

Millie is not only an amazing artist she also writes beautiful poetry which you can read on her blog . This post shares her experience with this workshop and she reveals more of her book. THANK YOU MILLIE!

I would love to teach this workshop to another group of lovelies so if you have a small group you would like to put together please let me know and I will make it happen! What would you like to affirm into your life?

love, laura

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5 thoughts on “Teaching my dream classes!

  1. Laura,
    I would love to do one of these affirmation books. I want to sign up for Feb. 7th. Do you still have room? I am definitely coming if you do! Jean

  2. Hi Jean,
    I know we emailed but just wanted you to know that I saw this here and you are all set! Looking forward to seeing you! Laura

  3. What type of materials did you use? White cardboard? Specifically, what is the material connecting the cards?

  4. Hi Jillian, I use a heavy watercolor paper for the cards and connect them with a white duct tape and have recently started sewing them together. Let me know if you have any other questions! Laura :)

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