Working Table: You Have Mail

Dear Friends,

It certainly has been awhile since we have posted a Working Table, but know that we have been busily working in our studios creating new work, writing, and developing teaching ideas.

FIRST AN ANNOUNCEMENT:  Laura is coming to visit me next week! The last time we saw each other was July- too long.  Our plans are to create some art, develop a course accentuating our two teaching styles and ideas (will be offered online in the future), as well as have some fun.  The fun part is a surprise, but keep in touch because these photos will make you laugh- guaranteed.

Tina’s Working Table Notes:

The postcard this week goes out to my brother Ande.  I created this by cutting and carving a heavyweight coldpress watercolor paper and adding an antique map underneath.  I felt it needed one more thing and added the bird, but kinda regretted it after doing it.  I think it might have been better without it.  oh well.

Postcard for Ande
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One thought on “Working Table: You Have Mail

  1. Hey Tina, I really like then little bird and that mustard colored map totally rocks! Can’t wait to see you next week and YES I do hope it warms up! xoLaura

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