ReVision 62

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Laura's ReVision 62

Dear Tina,

Your Vision this week made me laugh and think about my own 5 year old nephew and how silly he is.  It helped me remember to lighten up even when things don’t go exactly like I plan. Today was one of those days. I spent most of the morning writing & sketching for my Unravelling class. I love starting a class with a fresh new journal and was anxious to use the SabrinaWard Harrison sketchjournal I received for Christmas. My morning was spent happily sketching, writing & dreaming for my class.

All of this writing motivated me reread and organize the scattered thoughts from my personal journal. I had been goal setting and working on outlines for all my groovy new classes so I was feeling especially wonderful after sorting them and prettying them up bit. I carefully packed up my bag with all my treasures feeling grounded and oh SO HAPPY as I headed out the door. This feeling quickly disappeared when I got to the studio and pulled out the water bottle I had filled before I left only to fine it EMPTY. The ENTIRE bottle had leaked onto ALL 5~yes, 5 journal and the entire contents of my purse!

It took everything for me not to cry right there but I had a client coming and really, I knew this would do no good. Ironically the cover of Sabrina’s journal said, “It’s all secretly perfect.” I decided to go with that, put on some Jimmy Buffett (he ALWAYS makes me smile) and relish the small bag of Sweedish fish I had been saving from my Christmas stocking. Tina, I know you can appreciate the comfort of those magical little sugar creations as much as me. I don’t think we would have made it through grad school without them~ha!  At any rate they made me smile.

I find it humorous how life unfolds~you never know why things happen the way they do. In the end it is how you REACT to things, especially unpleasant things that really matters. Here is to FUN in the New Year! xoLaura

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2 thoughts on “ReVision 62

  1. Way to go Miss Laura! I am proud of you for turning it around and finding that silver lining (or in this case, the sugar-fun fish). After witnessing the said incident at the studio, I was heartbroken for you but I stand by my interpretation that this year (2011) is challenging you to be more spontaneous. To believe that your knowledge goes beyond the book and that YOU are the true vessel for your creativity. You may never be able to recreate the notes and sketches in your journals, but what I do know is that you can “alter” them and they will be BEAUTIFUL. Perhaps it IS all “secretly perfect” and perfection it just depends on what perfection looks like to YOU. xo Millie

  2. Millie, you have such a way with words and a greatly appreciate them! Thank you so very much for caring and all your good, positive energy. I think this is going to be a great year for all of us. In fact I am “expecting” it. As you know I truly believe that what you expect out of life is what you get. Here is to creativity, friendship, big dreams and love! xoLaura

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