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I have installed all of the artwork I have been creating over the last year at Plum Elements Gallery in Charleston South Carolina.  As I put on my “public face” with my work I wonder how I stay true to who I am and what I want to create given the feedback I am about to receive.   Do I take this feedback/criticism into consideration or just take it all with a grain of salt?  It is difficult to not take this experience so personally since I am putting my most personal self out there for all to see.  Only an artist does this.   Laura, I wonder how you feel now that your art exhibit is down and if you received feedback/criticism that is changing (or not changing) what you may do next in your work.   Perhaps your practice at staying “centered” has helped with this part of being an artist.

I will have to check back in on this blog at the end of September when the show comes down to share how I felt the whole experience went.  Until then, here are a few pictures of the work in the gallery.  For more detailed pictures, go to my website


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One thought on “In Tina's Studio Today

  1. Tina~
    I have been thinking about your thoughts about being in the “public eye.” This is a scary thing! My first solo show at the winery came with many learning curves for which I am grateful, but mostly I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to show the work. Your work looks so fantastic and it is a delight to see everything you have worked so hard on for the past year and a half come together in such a meaningful way. Yes, I would love to know what your thoughts will be in September when you take the show down. Until then, I am sending you many “wishes” for success! xoL

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