A Wish for the New Year

Dear Laura and Friends,

Your post Laura on the new year inspired me to write down some of my thoughts.  I have been thinking a lot about the direction I am heading in this year and have many plans to redirect my job and studio work to become more in line with where I want to go as well as sprinkle in a lot more FUN.  With a recent near-death experience of a close family member, I have begun to think about how I shouldn’t wait one more day to experience the things I am dreaming about.  Why am I holding out?  I know this is cliche… but if not now, when?  What I really need is a heavy dose of assertiveness.   Easier said than done.  I resolve to do the uncomfortable action of putting myself out there with confidence.  I have many plans, but will have to wait on spilling all my beans before I have cooked them a bit.  I will share this experience over the next year…even when I fail or get rejected.  This is all part of my new assertive self (gulp).

One project I have been working on over the holiday break is my sketchbook for THE SKETCHBOOK PROJECT. This is due January 15 and of course I waited until this week to start it.  I had the idea months ago it was just a matter of actually doing it.

In a previous exhibition of my work I created a ‘wishing line’ in the middle of the gallery where people could write a wish on a piece of canvas and then tie it to the line.

I was surprised so many people participated.  Reading the wishes are very moving.  Some folks left some real heartfelt thoughts and others left something that made me laugh (always appreciated).  Over the last year I have been thinking about how to continue this wishing line and along came the Sketchbook Project.  My sketchbook is about the wishes.  Each page highlights four wishes (I scanned them into my computer, printed them out, and pasted that into the sketchbook).  The lucky few people to look at the book first will be able to write a wish directly into the sketchbook.  This whole experience has inspired me to get these wishes back out into the community.  I could probably approach various business to see if they would host it for a month, but I am still thinking about how to balance this idea with the numerous other ones I have planned for the year.

One last thought about this new year- I came across Ali Edward’s BLOG that hosts her “One Little Word” project.  I am a big fan of this idea.  My word for this year is STEADFAST.

Next time I write about my studio update (Laura and I will be doing these two times a month) I will be talking about this piece of art.  It already looks different from my work today in the studio.

Lastly, I need to say how grateful I am to have my son Aidan in my life.  It is his 9th birthday today.  I am a better person knowing you my little sweet.

Happy New Year to you all!


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