Blooming in the New Year!

Just playing with my camera. Cute little elves aren't they?


I have had the most enchanting time visiting with family & friends in NH but have missed the “conversation” with you and Tina. I am presently getting ready for a little New Year’s soiree and as I reflect on this past year I have been feeling VERY appreciative of all of the gracious love & support you have given us! Every comment you leave warms our heart, lets us know you were here and reminds us that what we are doing matters so don’t be shy about sharing your thoughts with us. They are a gift and make our day!

Your comments are like little gifts to us. THANK YOU for leaving them!

Having only had snippets of time to journal lately I thought I would see if I could make sense of my meandering thoughts and share them with you!

So much of who I am today is a direct result of the people I surround myself with. This is something I think about often. I am blessed in this life to have a wonderful family, a loving husband and friends who stand by me allowing me the time and space needed to work through that stuff that everyone goes through. This is done without judgement and greatly appreciated especially when I feel like I am all over the place, don’t make sense, am unsure or even a bit gloomy (not how I usually like to think of myself).

I recently treated myself to a necklace created by my friend Wendy. It is symbolic of how my relationships are a catalyst to growth. This dainty little number fashions a petit silver flower, two glass beads and a silver circle with the word “bloom” stamped into. She had other necklaces equally as lovely boasting words like “wish” and “dream” but this one struck a cord in my heart and I wanted it as a reminder of how one can choose to blossom in this world or let life pass you by. I believe you blossom when you are open to others, new experiences, different perspectives, knowledge and learn from these things. Since growth has been a reoccurring theme in my artwork it felt natural to reflect on the ways I cultivate the things most dear to me: the love of my husband, friendships, family, professional relationships, my artwork, home, garden, self-care, pets and so it goes. Some areas are fruitful while others I realize need some tending to.

Laura Gaffke "Messenger of Wisdom 4" x 4" mixed media 2010

Trying to juggle all aspects of your life at one time can be challenging and certainly requires BALANCE~a word that often makes me cringe as I find it to be a constant struggle. One way I have tried find balance is with my teaching and artwork. It is always my wish to create classes that help me stretch and grow. As I dream of new classes to teach I ask myself these questions:

What do I want to learn?

How can I learn from others?

How can this translate into my artwork? my life?

How can what I am learning help others?

These are seamless questions both in my teaching and my life and it is rewarding when they cross pollinate. Teaching not only provides an income for me but feeds my soul as I continue to learn from those around me. I am honored when others share their gifts and have been blessed to have been surrounded by many gracious people, now friends who have taken my classes (THANK YOU!). My hope for the NEW YEAR is to continue to grow with others. I have had great joy planning and dreaming the most luscious classes I could think of, hoping they will tantalize you and help you BLOOM! Please visit my WEBSITE for all the details.

Wishing you wonderment, love & JOY in the New Year!

Cheery Smiles,

“And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.”

– Roald Dahl

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3 thoughts on “Blooming in the New Year!

  1. It was nice to see the picture of the elves the are really cute. I am looking forward to starting my new year by taking your class. Yoga really helps me to be balanced and Baron reminds me to be still in the present moment. You should be really proud of all your accomplishments, I know I am proud of you! Bonne Annee mon ami, Je taime

  2. Laura!! This is a lovely post and am inspired to write one of my own related to my many thoughts on the new year. I am just so looking forward to 2011. I have made some resolutions that really feel great which I will share in my post. I also miss our conversations since we have been spending time with our extended families over the past few weeks. Let’s chat on Sunday, yes? Glad you had a great time in New Hampshire with your family. I am also inspired by how you approach your classes, thinking about what you want to learn. I am always learning how to be a better teacher from you.

  3. Brigitte, I am SOOO excited for you to come back to CT for my class! Thank you so very much for all your kind words and being such a good friend!

    Tina, I will look forward to hearing your thoughts on the new year and will look forward to talking with you! Our ongoing conversations about teaching continue to inspire ME! Thank you for always being there!

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