ReVision 5

ReVision 5 Laura
ReVision 5 Laura 7-31-09

Hi Tina~ I was thinking about how you wrote about the sun behind the clouds in your last Vision and chose this image of this tree. I often looked at this tree out my studio window when I worked from home. It gave me strength, inspiration and was a sign of growth. Much like the swans I am reminded of the fleeting moments of life, as the tree didn’t make it through the winter and will need to be cut down. I have been feeling a bit nostalgic about it and wanted to merge the image with your hopeful one. As I was working, I noticed a face emerge from the clouds and believe it to be a symbol of hope and renewal. Cheers dolly! xoLaura

ReVision 5 Tina 7-31-09
ReVision 5 Tina 7-31-09

Dear Laura,  Your picture of the swans and notes about life being fleeting had me thinking the last few days.  It made me think about all the history of living beings that have come and gone before us for millions of years and how we embody that energy simply by being a creature that is made up of the same matter.  It is as if the planet is one big recycler of energy and life.  Nothing leaves or is added to the planet, so why not say it is same for the souls that have roamed the planet as well.  I used my picture of the clouds I sent you in the Vision 5 for this week as the layer beneath the swans.  I then cut out two of the swans (that did not live, as you noted) as a reflection about where our souls/spirits go once our bodies stop living.  Yes, it has been a thoughtful week and a thoughtful ReVision…thanks for that inspiration.   T.

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