Dear Friends,

The next two weeks we will be resting and enjoying our time with friends and family.  Our regular posts will be here and there, but mostly eased up as we put our feet up and celebrate all we have accomplished in 2010.  We thought we would do a little review of our year, note our gratitudes for all the gifts we have received, and announce some good news for 2011.

First, let us announce our good news….

….our blog is being featured in the February/March issue of

Artful Blogging Magazine…..

Current issue in stores now..

We are DELIGHTED to be included in this publication along with many other artists and writers.

A sneak peek of our four page article will be posted in January.  You may pick up a copy of this magazine at Barns & Nobles and other book stores.

Now for our review of 2010 (phew, we can’t believe we have done all this):

  • Completed our two year COLLABORATIVE BOOK EXCHANGE.  Read more about that and access our pictures on that link.
  • Created 45 new VISION/REVISION photographic call and response projects.  We have created postcards of these images that you may purchase at our ETSY shop.
  • Started a new project titled WORKING TABLE that allows our viewers to step into our studios and see what we are creating.  Recently we have added this to include our postcard art making process.
  • Began a new project we are titling Two Artists: One Surface (T.A.O.S.). We expect to have this project ready for exhibition by next year at this time.
  • Opened an ETSY shop.
  • Engaged in two studio visits- both at Laura’s Studio (next up Laura comes to Tina’s studio in 2011)
  • Exhibited our work at two Open Studio Events at Laura’s studio in Connecticut

…completed, created, started, began, opened, engaged, exhibited….

….we are grateful for ….



tea, cookies & coffee

late night phone conversations

daily emails to one another


our blog family and their encouragement

the internet which allows us to share our work

quiet walks

solitude in the studio


Wishing Paper (from our wish ceremony)



We are wishing you all a

warm and happy holiday

and a joyful beginning of 2011

Tina and Laura

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2 thoughts on “News!

  1. What a nice way to start my early day, reading your end-of-year post. But you forgot something else that you both accomplished this year. By doing what you love to do and sharing it with the artful world you have inspired and encouraged me to do more and be more with my own creativity.

    Thank you, Miss Laura for your positive demeanor, luscious and endless creativity both in and out of your mixed media workshops and encouragement and support and inviting me as a guest artist at your Holiday Open Studio. Thank you, Miss Tina for your sharing as well. By viewing your posts each week and reading what you both are doing, you quietly inspire me and, I’m sure, others.

    I have been more prolific the latter half of this year because of the classes I took with Laura and the joyful and thought-provoking way you share your creative process. My art has taken on a new dimension and I find I am much more thoughtful about why I do what I do. It adds a whole new dimension to my world, one I hadn’t explored quite deeply enough before.

    So thank you, both, for doing what you love and sharing. It is the best gift I have received this year!
    Creatively yours,

  2. Carol, You are one of the most gracious people I know. You have NO idea how much your thoughtful comments mean to me/us. YOU INSPIRE ME! You have an amazing gift and are always so thoughtful sharing your own techniques, artists and what you are learning, both in class and in your own life. THANK YOU for reading and being such a wonderful supporter of our art!
    Lots of love your way! Laura

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