Vision 61

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Laura's Vision 61

A jolly hello to you Sweet T~

I am finally feeling the holiday spirit and thinking of the simple beauty of your branches from your Vision last week.  My friend Sarah cut these GORGEOUS red branches for our Open Studio and I loved the simple beauty of them with the cranberries. (I wish I could remember what kind of shrub they came from~anyone?) I am infused with ideas reading Holiday with Matthew Mead and love his simple decorating style. He often uses vintage items (another love of mine) so I thought I would use my new “photoshop skills” and try to make my photo look vintage. Jolly HOLIDAY! What do you think?


Vision 61 Tina

Dear Laura,

December always proves to be a challenging month getting into the studio.  Family, errands, teaching, and other events always seem to keep me too busy and distracted.  This week I am returning to the studio and this afternoon I spent a brief hour taking out all my work, organizing, writing, and making lists (this photo is of what I took out and put on my table).  Tomorrow is one whole day just for me and my work.   I….will…..not…..let…..anything….else….distract….me.   I have set aside two more days this week just to be.  Be here.  Listen.  Create.   Yes.


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3 thoughts on “Vision 61

  1. Thanks Kathy!
    I love that I know a MASTER gardener! You are so thoughtful to find the link for me. I think I must have this shrub in my yard in the spring. It is SO pretty! xo Laura

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