ReVision 60

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Vision 60 Tina
Laura Vision 60

REVISION’s for the week:

ReVision 60

Dear Tina,

I, like you, have not had much creative time lately as I was preparing for our Open Studio (which I will fill you in on this week!) but managed to get a shot of this tree with the showy red berries. I have passed by this tree many times while walking on the boardwalk by my house but never noticed the berries. It was FREEZING the day I took this picture and I think I had the camera shakes! Feeling a little festive…xoL

ReVision 60 Tina

Dear Laura,

In thinking about your five minutes of stillness in your Vision 60, I looked up to see my paper crane arrangement above the couch I sit on each morning.   I sit here in quiet each morning reading and writing.   Left over last year from your open studio event, you gave me these paper cranes.   After trimming our tree in the backyard , I cut the small branches and placed them in a vase.  This is a simple idea for anyone interested in an inexpensive object of beauty for their studio or home.


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