Vision 60

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Laura's Vision 60

Dear Tina,

As you know I have been ridiculously busy preparing for my open studio this week which is enlivening me. I have SO enjoyed working with our guest artists and decorating as well as preparing for all of the wonderful things L2T will have to share. In the process I realized I have been less mindful of the things that ground me and actually allow creative flow into my life.  Nature is one of those things. This morning I allowed for 5 minutes of stillness while sitting with my coffee admiring our Christmas cactus which is putting on quite a show. I am glad to not have missed this beauty and know in some small way this moment will escort me into a productive day. Sometimes it is in these moments of quiet you are led to places you never imagined. xoLaura

Vision 60 Tina

Dear Laura,

Look how similar our images are this week.  Perhaps there is some sort of synchronicity afoot.  I have been photographing and collecting seeds in my neighborhood (I posted one of these pictures as our ReVision 59 from last week).  Since I was not in my studio last week at all, I caught a few moments of slow looking while on my daily walks.  These seeds are now going to become part of a larger series of work I am creating.  I will post more on this once they are ready to be photographed.  Keep this photo in mind- I will probably reference it again soon.


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