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Tina's Vision 59
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Laura's ReVision 59

Dear Sweet T~

I was thinking about the seeds in your Vision this week and how seeds bring renewal, growth and new life. I came across these berries while walking in the woods the other day and have no idea what they are (do any of you lovely friends know?) but know they will eventually turn a deep plum color. Nature has a grand way of reminding me to be present and look for the growth around me, even as all signs of life have started to hibernate for the winter leaving me feeling a bit sad. I have been feeling a need to plant new seeds in all areas of my life and plan to nurture their tender buds through the winter months. We shall see what the spring should reveal…


Dear Laura,

On a recent trip to North Carolina we went on a hike under the Blue Ridge Parkway.  My son took this picture.  How odd it seemed that day in the woods and the fog rolling in. It must have been that same feeling you had with the car door along your hiking trail.


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2 thoughts on “ReVision59

  1. Thanks Kathy!
    It is pretty isn’t it? I appreciate the link. I feel like I am always learning something new!

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