Cookies and Tea

I am sitting down after a good day in the studio with some tea and cookies.  Yum…  In reading about the gallery show you saw, I flipped back to the beginning of Daniel Pink’s book.  He says:

“Design, Story, Symphony, Empathy, Play, Meaning.  These six senses increasingly will guide our lives and shape our world….The high-concept, high-touch abilities that now matter most are fundamentally human attributes.  After all, back on the savannah, our cave-person ancestors weren’t taking SATs or plugging numbers into spreadsheets. They were telling stories, demonstrating empathy, and designing innovations.  These abilities have always comprised part of what it means to be human.  But after a few generations in the information Age, thse muscles have atrophied.” (Pink 67)

Whenever I feel lost in all the information and situation that surrounds me I try to zoom out, just like Pink does here, and put everything into a wide-lens perspective of time.  I think the elderly are invisible in our society, just as that artist addressed,  and I dread heading there in the future.  I think women and children can to often be invisible too.  This goes back to my post about listening.  Now, in this Conceptual Age we are entering, listening to a variety of voices is the most important thing we can do to get moving into the future.  In my research for my current series of work (thanks for all the positive feedback on that in your earlier post) I came across an interview with Deborah Meier by Mike Seymour (in the book Educating For Humanity).  They said that children to “liberate the gifts of mind and the hearts of kids…requires families and teachers to listen carefully so that children know they have been heard…They know they and their ideas are being treated with respect”. (Seymour 77)

This blog is continuing our story and how we are making “meaning” in the world through our own way of creating with stories and materials that we whip up into art.   I like that we are able to put our voices out in the world without filters or rules.  I wonder how the internet is going to change who is being heard, who listens, and who speaks. In ten years I wonder how our world will change with so many voices “out there”.

I really enjoyed reading how you connected your lemons with your life experiences.  Let’s share some pictures about what we are doing in our studios.  I will post mine tomorrow because i forgot my camera. In the meantime here is a picture of what winter looks like here.  I am off to drink my tea and eat my cookies….    TinaWinter In South Carolina

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