Working Table: You Have Mail

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Tina’s Working Table Notes:  Thought I would take a picture of one of my scrap paper drawer.  I have collected and made these papers for many years.  Whenever I see a hand crafted paper that I find interesting or paper that came in packaging from the mail or from my parents antique business or created with paints or from anywhere else… I stuff it all in this drawer to use later.  This is my prime picking place for creating these postcards. This week the postcard goes out to Marci- my buddy from Boston (I miss you).

Postcard created for Marci by Tina
Laura's Working Table 11.16.10

Laura’s Working Table Notes: I have been experimenting with some collaged backgrounds for our TAOS project and tried using some old book pages and painted papers. I then antiqued them with a warm colored glaze and added a small image which reminded me of Tina’s love of trees and how she expresses them in her work. I then thought of my nature loving friend Cheryl and wondered what adventures she has been up to.

Laura's postcard for Cheryl
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