Vision 58

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Laura's Vision 58

Dear Tina,

Anticipating violet as the last color of the Photoshop Challenge I seized the opportunity too capture the asters and  lavender a few weeks ago while taking a walk at Wilcox Park, just a short jaunt from my studio. As the leaves fall quietly to the ground and are whisked away by the fall wind so are the last days of color here in CT. Boo hoo! I try to embrace all of the seasons but I have to say winter is by far my least favorite season. It might be time to plan a visit to South Carolina! xoLaura

Vision 57 Tina

Dear Laura,

This is our last week of the Photoshop Challenge.  We move on to VIOLET. In my Vision this week I noted this color in the moss on this rock wall.  This rock wall was in North Carolina.  I know that in New England this art of the rock wall (yes it is an art of balance, shape, design) is ubiquitous, but here it is non-existent.  I notice these “sculptures” every time I visit you.


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