Vision 57

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Laura's Vision 57

Dear Tina,

You through me through a loop with the color INDIGO this week! I had been anticipating violet and looking for all things that color in preparation for today and my challenge. I will have to keep my eyes open for INDIGO! SOooooo in lieu of my other image I found some great textures taken of the water down at our docks (if you look closely I think you can actually see some indigo in the water). We are in the process of putting all of our fun summer activities to rest and this weekend the docks will be pulled out for the winter and the dingy will be winterized~BOO HOO! I love sitting on them, gazing at the wildlife surrounded by everything from jelly fish to egrets. I am curious as to what caused this texture on the water as I have no idea what it is. Do you? (or any of our readers?)


Vision 57 Tina

Dear Laura

This week we come to the color INDIGO and next week VIOLET for our Photoshop Challenge.  People may think that these last two colors in the rainbow are the same- purple.   In fact INDIGO is between a blue and purple.  This color in our clothing, like jeans, comes from the plant Indigo originating from India.  In my Vision this week I turn toward the idea of Wabi Sabi once again.  This rusted metal that has exposed indigo coloring is from the shipyard in North Charleston near my old studio.  The years of salt water are wearing away at the metal. Do you suppose eventually the metal would just all together deteriorate?

Good luck with your indigo challenge this week Laura!


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