Working Table: You’ve got Mail

Postcard for the Mail Carrier by Tina

Tina’s Working Table Notes: I did a major clean up of the studio this week and finally cleaned out all my paper drawers.  In the process I did not take a picture of this mess as I was creating this postcard.  At least I have the final picture.  The materials were simply what I had found interesting during the clean and then quickly assembled them.  The swiftness of this postcard was a joy.  I wish all my work was like this.  This week it goes out to the Mail Carrier.  I wonder if my regular Mail Carrier will look at it or just throw it in the pile for the next person.  I have no idea where this one will end up!

Laura's postcard for Diana

Laura’s Working Table Notes: Interestingly enough I cannot find the pictures I took of my studio table while I was working (weird that Tina doesn’t have hers either!). What you would have seen was an array of paper towels scattered about which I used to blot my paintbrush throughout the day. I heard somewhere that if you glued the paper towel down it would become translucent so I decided to try it and loved the texture. I then layered the wine bottles using several stencils I cut out.

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3 thoughts on “Working Table: You’ve got Mail

  1. Dear Laura & Tina,

    I am having so much fun watching your little creations come to life from old scrap paper and paper towels! I may have to start a postcard project myself. I have a friend out in Rochester, NY that I correspond with via snail mail and I think this just may make the process even more fun! I hope that you don’t mind and who knows…maybe if I get savvy enough with my creative output, you gals just might get a postcard or 2 from me.

    Keep at it!

  2. I LOVE that you may continue this project with your friends and of course WE both would LOVE getting mail! grin…xoLaura

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