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Laura's Vision 56

A glorious Fall day to you Sweet T~

I went for the most arresting walk on the boardwalk on the other side of the river from my house and was struck by the magical Fall colors warming me like a snug afghan. My neighbors house jumped out in contrast with the cool BLUE which happens to be our color for the week. I wish the sun was out when I took this shot as the color becomes even more striking. I will savor this short lived gift of nature. xoLaura

Vision 56 Tina

Dear Laura,

We are rounding the bend for our Photoshop Challenge and this week I am having you look for the color BLUE.  This photo was taken this weekend as I took my family on a hike through the Francis Beidler Forest (even though my youngest son complained the whole time, but I won’t go into that!).  I have been doing some research on “old growth” forests.  We have two here in South Carolina and the Francis Beidler Forest boasts one Cypress tree over 1,000 years old.  Can you imagine that little seedling sprouting around the year 1,000? Standing next to this tree will make anyone feel young! There are the Tupelo gum trees here that sprout these unusual “knees” around the base of each tree (Cypress trees do this too).  There are a few theories on why the trees do this (from anchoring the tree in the ground to providing more oxygen to the tree) but I mostly appreciate them for their sculptural qualities.  In this photo I caught the reflection of the blue sky in this swamp water.


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  1. You always have the most interesting facts! It is fun to learn about your part of the world. xoLaura

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