Vision 55

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Vision 55, Laura Gaffke 2010

Dear Tina~

Saturday turned out to be the most beautiful Fall day. The air was crisp but not freezing as Sue and I headed over to the Noank Foundry’s Open Studio in Mystic, CT. Two of our friends, Serena Bates and Mary Anne Sherman share studio space there along with other fabulous artists. The studio was festive the moment you walked up and saw the array of pumpkins for sale outside. We were were told they were discounted due to the “Stonington squirrels” who apparently liked them too and took some bites out of most of them. The Foundry was alive with history as you can see from the door I photographed with my iphone. I thought you would appreciate the age and history of it~it is even GREEN which goes along with your color/Photoshop challenge started in Vision 52.

Cheers! Laura

Vision 55 Tina

Dear Laura,

This week it is all about the color GREEN.  Rusty metal always catches my eye and this old water tower stopped me in my tracks.  Good thing I had my camera with me.  I am still thinking about this idea of Wabi Sabi and will (I know I said this before, but this time it is for real) write more on my thoughts in a post this week.


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2 thoughts on “Vision 55

  1. You forgot to mention that that door also had circles, Laura … one of your trademarks!
    About the water tower … I think it was Neil Young who sang that rust never sleeps.
    You just can’t judge a thing by its name.
    Rust is corrosion which sounds so negative and looks so splendid!
    Thank you, both, for constantly reminding us to see the beauty in everyday things.
    Before I sign off, I’ve had this quote from Marcel Proust smack dab on the front of our frig for 10 years, I swear. You two epitomize Marcel’s definition …
    “The real voyage of discovery consists in not seeking new landscapes but in having with new eyes.”

    Have a fantabulous day!

  2. Hi Carol, The circles were certainly not lost on me or you! I appreciate you noticing. I LOVE the quote and very much appreciate you sharing it with us! xoLaura

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