Working Table: You Have Mail

Dear Friends,

This is our third week of creating and sending off postcards in the mail. We have really been enjoying this process!

Tina's Postcard for Dad's 72nd Birthday

Tina's work in progress

Tina’s Working Table Notes:  I started this postcard and then reinvented it as I went along.  What you see in the process photo is very different than what I settled on.  I found some of my Grandmother’s travel journals (I used one page for my first postcard posted HERE) and felt moved to make this one for my Dad who is turning 72 on October 13.  Thought he would like some notes from his Mom from so many years ago.  Happy Birthday Dad!

Laura's working table

Laura Gaffke, postcard for Peter

Laura’s Working Table Notes: This week I have been continuing to work in my meditative style. I often look through old book pages for inspirational words and this week the words, “a special meditation” jumped out at me.

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