Collaborative Book Project-Laura's Turn

Laura's new page in the collaborative book
Laura's new page in the collaborative book "Wish On A Dragonfly"

Dear Tina-

While working on the book I felt the hopeful wishes you have for your children. You are always ever present in their worlds and reflecting, which reminds me of the playfulness in life. A lot can be learned from allowing your imagination to win over your fears. Your boys imaginative game with the crane flies reflected this. It brought me back to my own childhood the fear my cousin Sarah and I had of daddy long legged spiders when we were growing up. When I would visit Sarah, we would get special permission from her neighbor, “Aunt Janie” to use her playhouse in the woods. This tiny, magical little house was set in the woods and we would imagine it was our “grown up” house. The only drawback to the house was that when it wasn’t used regularly other “creatures” would move in. The daddy long legs always made us squeamish. This memory made me wonder if we had created our own game about them.  What would happen if we made games out of our fears?

For this book page I was thinking about how linear I often am and how there are many “windows” into each of our lives, some more organic than others. Perhaps when we pause, we are able to find the marvelous, simple joys which lay beyond the strict panes of glass. Sending you dragonfly wishes…love you! Laura

LauraCOLAB2LauraCOLAB3This is what I have added to the next page for Tina to respond to.  Stay tuned!

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