TAOS: Two Artists One Surface

Dear Friends,

Here they are….

Laura's work in progress for TAOS.

Tina's beginning of the Two Artists One Surface project

We have begun a new project that we believe is going to awaken and intensify our intentions as two artists working together.  Read our description HERE.

As these two pieces of art are currently traveling through the United States Postal Service to one another,  let us leave you with a few excerpts from the letters we wrote to one another about our process and thoughts.

We dream that one day the work and letters might be exhibited together.

Tina’s letter to Laura….

October 1, 2010

“Dear Laura, I am writing to you before I go to the post office.  When I send this incomplete piece of art to you I believe it marks an important milestone in our work together.  It feels like a project that will conjure up what we do well together- working in a feminine context of collaboration, conversation, empathy, and speaking to our ‘necessary fire’ as Sue Monk Kidd speaks of in her newest book co-created with her daughter- Traveling With Pomegranates.

I started, in a sense,where we left off with our collaborative book exchange with thoughts on how the landscape deeply affects us both.  It is a subject I will be deeply exploring in my own work in the next few months……”

Beginning of Laura’s letter to Tina….

September 20, 2010

“Hello Sweet Tina, I have just started the first panel for our TAOS project and am filled with giddy enthusiasm! As I wait for the gesso to dry I was thinking about why I have been so hesitant to start. The panel has been sitting quietly in the corner of my studio waiting for me, yet it is only today that I feel compelled to actually work on it. (I think it is the deadline we decided on quickly approaching-ha!)  I made a list of all the threads of thought that seem to reoccur in our work and had a hard time choosing one. I finally decided to start in the middle and marked an irregular grid on the panel. As I continued to work my mind meandered back to thoughts that were dominant when we were in grad school, pondering the larger question of what is above and below the surface of our lives….”

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