Working Table: You Have Mail

Hello Friends,

This is our second week of shifting our Working Table from a general peek into our studio work to a more refined peek at our Postcard Project.  In these Working Table posts we will be discussing our thinking and processes with materials for creating a postcard.  See our original post HERE.

If you would like to be on the list of people to receive an original hand-crafted postcard simply sign up for our newsletter and add in your mailing address.  We will be choosing from our personal mailing lists and our blog mailing list.  You can also email us your address if that works for you.

Tina: Materials today are maps, a grass-like paper, drawing of a bowl of cherry tomatoes, Goldern Matte Medium, and red thread

Postcard for Andrea
Laura Gaffke: Working Table 10/6/10, abstract watercolor "meditation painting"

I often use painting as a way to center myself and usually work intuitively, open to the outcome. I refer to these as my “mediation paintings” which are very calming to me. Often times they are merely an exercise, sometimes they stand on their own and other times I turn them into something else, like my postcard this week.

postcard for LIza, Laura Gaffke, "Let your light flow" 2010
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2 thoughts on “Working Table: You Have Mail

  1. All I can say is that I LOVE THEM! Thank you for sharing your process. Just last night at the Artists’ Cooperative opening I was having a conversation with some folks regarding the need for more tangible ways of communication. The internet allows us the immediacy of an exchange whether it’s ideas, humor or even images painted and otherwise but there is nothing like holding something in your hand, turning it over to read words penned in ink and then putting it up on a shelf or posting it with a magnet on your refrigerator to relive that moment when art and words and love come through the mail. Kudos!!!

  2. Thank you so much for your thoughts Millie! I think I love sending mail as much as I like getting it! xoLaura

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