Sera Beak in Charleston SC

Dear Laura and Friends,

How lucky I am that I have the opportunity to listen to Sera Beak talk tonight in my little town of Charleston, SC.   I am fortunate to have been included in the impressive list of artists for the exhibition RealEyes, which will be having an opening reception right before Sera speaks.   This is all happening at 103 Logan Street in Charleston starting at 5:30pm.  The combination of these artworks, the mingling of Charlestonians, and experiencing the conversation with this “spiritual cowgirl”  is adding up to an enlightening evening.  As she says in her book…

“You are not here to play it safe. You are here to start fires.” – The Red Book

Here is her description of her talk tonight.  I believe there are still tickets available. Go HERE to register.  This is all sponsored by the INCREDIBLE Sophia Institute.

Soul Fire: A Talk and Conversation with Sera Beak about the Feminine Divine

“The loss of soul connection, loss of connection to our femininity, may be the real cause of our anguished condition”

– Marion Woodman

Most of us our only acquainted with the upper half of the Universe, our masculine Spirit, and this planet is suffering as a result. It’s time to go downtown with out divinity and get up close and personal with the Universe’s other half (and some might even say “better half” depending on what’s going on in their lives), our feminine Soul. Our divine feminine Soul holds our true purpose, that which will unleash our creativity, jump start our red hearts, set our eyelashes on fire and help us be of greater service. Our soul is extraordinarily essential to recognize, embrace, and share for our entire planet’s evolution, but reacquainting ourselves with our Soul is not always an easy process. In this fiery, humorous and intimate talk, Sera shares invigorating research from her forthcoming book, Redvolution: Unleashing the Red Hot and Holy Feminine, and her personal story of learning how to voice her Soul and walk her divine feminine talk.

My artwork you will see at the exhibit tonight….

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