Working Table: You Have Mail

Our ‘Working Table’ has been an ongoing series of posts that allows you, our readers, to step into our studios and see what and how we are creating our artwork.  We would like to expand this idea and add in our practice of mail artMail Art has history in all of our lives.  Think of the postcard and how anywhere you go on a trip there is always a postcard you can purchase, write a quick note, then send off to a loved one.  The postcard is a sharing of travels, journeys, and experiences.

Isn’t it a joy to receive this bit of mail in your mailbox instead of bills?

We have been creating artwork and sending it through the mail to one another for years.  Now we would like to send this art to YOU!

Our Working Table will be about the process we engage in to hand-craft a postcard and a few notes about who we are sending it off to.  Why are we doing this?  Our work has always been about community building, joy, relationships, and collaboration.  To extend this practice to you is just plain fun. Each week we will pick a friend, relative, newly met person, colleague, or stranger to mail a bit of hand crafted goodness.

Check your mailboxes.  You may have mail!

Tina and Laura

Tina working on her postcard for Liz. I used some pages from my grandparent's travel journals and my son's watercolor set.

Tina's postcard for Liz
Laura's Working Table: I painted the background with many layers of paint and then cut out the stencil of the leaf and repeated it along with some circles. The word LISTEN came to me while I worked so I hand stamped it on the card.
Laura's postcard for Martha
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