Art Exhibit Visited

Hi T~

I just got back from a great exhibit at the Alexy Von Schlippe gallery This gallery is on the University of Connecticut at Avery Point, right along the water. I have always appreciated this gallery for showing Contemporay art. Every show I have seen there has left me thinking in a different way and this show was no different. It was called, The Veil: Visible and Invisible Spaces. It consisted of 29 artists and their diverse interpretations within this context. The exhibition included video, film, photography, painting, sculpture and installation. Many pieces reflected on the veil within a religious context and each work had a well thought out description of what the artist was trying to express (something that we often talk about as being important). One piece struck in particular because it was something I hadn’t considered. It was called, “Eqivalents” by artist, Judith Selby Lang who carefully drew portaits with graphite on white silk. The piece was hung and draped to represent the sagging features that come with age, yet it gave honor to these woman. It was meant to represent how age in our culture produces a veil in the way many of us overlook the elderly, to the point where they become invisible. I found it to be a poinant take on this theme. This piece struck a cord with me because in the way it allowed me to consider how invisible we can become when there is no one to honor you and hear your stories, much like we have been discussing. It made me wonder who might be there for me when I am older if I don’t ever have children. Will I become invisible? Have you ever considered the context of a veil before? Talk to you later, L

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