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  1. I love this!! Hey, I am curious what you used to create this amazing blog. I am interested in setting up a social network for my teachers. I have a blog, but that is limited in so many ways. I LOVE what you have here, but was wondering how you did it. I don’t see the typical “blogspot” etc. at the end. Instead you have .com.
    It is so fun to follow you and your work through this blog as well as your website. I am driving up to Louise’s tomorrow and we are going to head over to Sandwich to see the exhibit there thanks to you!!
    Hope to hear more about Italy!! What an amazing thing!!

  2. Thanks Tomasen! We actually bought our domain name but we are using wordpress as our host and really love the diversity of the templates and ease of wordpress~ we found there are a lot more to choose from and wordpress seems to be an easy platform to use. We loved Amanda Hawkins designs hired her to modify one of her templates to suit our needs. (Tina can you add to this?) Please let us know if you have any other questions, we would be happy to help.

    SO EXCITED you are going up to Sandwich for the Squam art show! You will have to tell me how it was as I couldn’t make it to Squam for the workshops or the show this year~BOO HOO! The timing was off with my Italy trip and the start my new semester of teaching. I wondered how all the work looked and how my paintings were displayed at the show.

    How are you my dear? I think of you often and miss you! Glad to see you joining our conversation here as we encourage it, much like the “Artful Garden”. I miss the great conversations we used to all have about art, books and life….xoLaura

  3. HI Tomasen- We decided to buy our own domain name (that is why it is a .com rather than wordpress.com), pay for server space (through GoDaddy.com) and host a wordpress template on it (Amanda Hawkins designed this template and we created the banner). We decided to do this because our choices for blog templates were very limited and other fun features like etsy widgets were not available on the free wordpress service. We knew that the blog was something we were going to invest in over the long haul, so buying our domain name now made sense.

    Laura and I have been thinking that it might be useful to do some sort of workshop on setting up a blog for creative people. Do you think there would be interest in this?
    Glad to have you reading and writing along with us here.

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