In Laura's studio today…

These are part of a series of miniature paintings I have been working on and am really feverish about. They measure 3” x 4” and were created with acrylic paint and collage on matte board. I was inspired by the call to entry for theThree Graces Gallery Teeny TIny Art Vending Machine. The owner converted an old cigarette machine into a funky place for artists to show and sell their work. SO COOL!  Tina and I had seen one of these in NYC where she had actually bought a piece.  It was like getting a prize from a cracker jack machine, except that the prize was more valuable.

I fondly remember the last time I visited Three Graces. I was one very giddy bride-to-be, picking up her wedding band at Kaya, the jewelry store next door. It was a drizzly showery day and I had decided to pop into the gallery to escape the rain and admire the art before heading home. I was excited to see Dustan Knight’s work as one of the featured artists. After taking several of her workshops in the past, I appreciated and admired her expressiveness and vibrant use of color. I was greeted by the warmhearted owner, Kim who delighted me in a lovely, inspiring conversation about art. She shared with me how she started the gallery and I was quite inspired by her ambition and willingness to follow her dreams.

Although I am not sure if the work is what they are looking for, I am grateful for the time to explore and play on a smaller scale. Let me know what you think…Laura

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One thought on “In Laura's studio today…

  1. Dear Laura,
    I do remember when we bought a piece of art from the vending machine at the Whitney Museum in NYC. It was a piece of steel, etched by the artist. Unfortunately I have lost the artist’s name. I am so glad to see this new work and I also and intrigued by making very small work. It reminds me of when we made the Artist Trading cards at Goddard. That was a lot of fun and have always thought about maybe making those again someday. I like your piece with the text “wish”. I have also been considering how to incorporate text into work related to wishes I will post some of my solutions too.

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