A petite gift for YOU!

Laura Gaffke, Ten nice things (detail), mixed media, 12" x 12"

Hello Tina & friends,

As you can imagine I am busily preparing for my trip to Italy (in just twelve days, but who’s counting!) as well as finishing work for ACGOW‘s new show, opening September 1st from 5-8:00pm. It promises to be quite a party that I am sad to say I will miss-Can you believe it? The day of the opening I will have just arrived in Italy, giddy thinking about my workshop. What are the chances these two wondrous events should coincide?!?! When I found out I was one of the featured artists for September it was almost a year ago and I was elated. I did not know then that life would throw me such a stupendous curve ball and that I wouldn’t be attending the opening! In fact, I am jittery just thinking thinking about the new work I created, wondering how it will be received (if you should go, I would love to know!). As a means of reconciling my absence I actually dreamt, yes dreamt (this has been keeping me up at night) of creating a special piece of art that could be given as a “gift” for anyone who attends the opening. (I would SO appreciate that!). I will print the work as a postcard to reflect my traveling. The postcards can be kept or sent as a random act of kindness to brighten someone’s day. Being a huge mail art fan I know how much I LOVE getting special surprises in my mailbox and wish to reciprocate this goodness with others. The piece is almost finished and I will be delighted to share it with you soon! Until then I will leave you with the image above, a detail of one of my new pieces that will be in the show.
Creativity & love your way,


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3 thoughts on “A petite gift for YOU!

  1. Love! What a fantastic gift…a true inspiration. But know, my sweet Laura, that you are the gift. I am so fortunate to witness your artistry and the thoughtfulness that comes through your work. As I mentioned in our discussion last night, you have the gift of sharing your soul with us. I thank you… And I am sooo excited that we will be in Italy on that day, drinking strong expressos from teeny tiny cups with little wise old men discussing the beauty of life, the tragedy of love, the splendor of youth and the magnificence of the landscape…all of it wrapped up in an ancient language specifically chosen in the 16th century as the official language of Italy because of its beauty. Qui è alla nostra ricerca, può trovare non solo noi stessi ma il nostro posto in questa dolce vita… (Here’s to our quest, may we find not just ourselves but our place in this sweet life…)

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