ReVision 3

ReVision Tina 6-26-09

ReVision Tina 6-26-09

Dear Laura,  The clematis photo you sent me gave me a nostalgic feeling  since it is one of those flowers I remember from my childhood in my Mom’s garden.   I thought a vintage photo would express this thought.  As I was looking through my file of vintage photos,  I noticed that the women were always animated and funny, while the men were stoic.  I thought this photo caught this playfulness and admiration often found among women.    love, Tina

Laura, ReVision 3
Laura, ReVision 3 6-26-09

Dear Tina, The banana leaf you posted reminded me to look closer at my own surroundings. I was inspired to go outside my studio and observe the many overgrown “weeds” growing along the river. I chose this vine as an an opportunity to slow down and look closely at something I may have ordinarily overlooked. The scale of your leaf in comparison to the small vine I found reminded me of our many conversations about the intimacies of life as well as the “bigger picture.” love, Laura

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