Wish Ceremony

Our Wish

Dear Friends,

Many artists speak of the importance of ritual in their art practice.  Whether it is lighting a candle as they enter the studio, meditating before working, listening to a certain musician, walking to gather thoughts for the day, and the list can go on.  We talked about this while together this week and what rituals we have already established (our regular correspondence through the mail and regular blog posts about our process as two artists working collaboratively).

We wanted to begin a ongoing ritual to complete and honor our time spent together.  Finding Flying Wish Paper at a shop in Providence seemed like the perfect solution.  There is a video at that link that shows what flying wish paper is.

It is our attempt at setting an intention/wish for the in between time until we see one another again. We focused on our current success and what we are proposing for the future months to come.

Below are some highlights from this ritual on Laura’s backyard riverfront dock.

rolling the wish paper
lighting the wish paper on fire
just before it flies up in the air into ashes

We are busy writing more posts about our time together and all that we have planned for the next few months so stay tuned for more posts about our visit.

Laura & Tina

until next time...
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3 thoughts on “Wish Ceremony

  1. Just lovely! Tina…I was so glad to have met you and am blessed to have seen the friendship and professionalism you and Miss Laura have. What a truly special bond! My wish for you (and I am sending this to the heavens) is for you “two” find and foster that creative spirit and to grow and nurture your kindred spirits. Much love and peace your way…

  2. MILLIE!!! So glad to have met you too! Thanks so much for all the advice on our new banner. I will send you a copy to see what you think of our decisions since you saw it “in process”. We will hopefully be posting that soon. You are so lucky to have the opportunity to share a studio with Laura. You two will be a good team. I look forward to more visits with you when I come into town next time :)

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