Two Artists : One Surface

photo taken by Terry Hirsig

Dear Friends,
Yesterday I spoke about the completion of our collaboratively made Book Exchange which spanned two years. Today I would like to let you take a peek at our ideas for the next collaboration.  Some of these thoughts were posted in our recent Newsletter – please sign up if you have not already.

We are calling our new collaboration

Two Artists : One Surface

or TAOS.

Inspired by the artwork of Jennifer Bartlett from the book of her work titled In The Garden, we saw the possibilities of having us both work on one piece of art together. Since we live far apart, we had to brainstorm a method of how to make this work long distance. What we decided was to each begin on a wood panel, working on about half of it. Once we have completed our half, we will swap our work through the mail. Once received in the mail, we will complete the other’s piece of art.

The artwork created is open and subject to the individual artist creating it- we do not have any parameters or objectives here- only to create in the moment and see what develops between two artists. This is an experiment which will be documented thoroughly on our blog.

In a way, this is similar to our project Vision/ReVision we engage in weekly. In that project we each post a photograph on Monday titled ‘Vision’. In response to that photo, the artists choose an element such as color, line, composition, shape, form, pattern, design, or conceptual idea to create a ‘ReVision’. ReVisions are posted on Friday.

For this new project we will take one month to start a new piece of art and another month to tradthrough the mail and complete.  We have projected to create twelve pieces of collaborative art by this time next year.

Look for updates, letters of reflection, photographs in progress, and comments on this process on our blog over the next year.

Hope everyone enjoyed their Labor Day~


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