3 More Days…

until we are together in Connecticut!  It has been six months since our last studio visit.   In our last studio visit (Which we titled Studio Collaboration 2), we created a new blog format, visited New York city (which inspired our series of the Working Table), wrote our first newsletter, co-created our blog banner at the top of our blog, and presented our first FREE giveaway…not to mention having a great time!

You think that is a lot squeezed into five days wait until you hear what we have planned this time!

This visit we have plans to visit galleries in Providence RI, re-create an all new newsletter (which you without-a-doubt will need to subscribe to on the right side of this message), design and open an Etsy Shop with numerous hand-crafted L2T artworks, complete and celebrate our collaborative BOOK project, begin a new collaborative project inspired by Jennifer Bartlett, as well as have a few mojitos in the Connecticut sunshine!

Each day we will write a blog post at night reviewing our events and discoveries so check in with us daily for the next few weeks.

Laura & Tina

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3 thoughts on “3 More Days…

  1. Nice picture you posted T! HA! We certainly have our work cut out for us but I am SO looking forward to your visit and inspiring presence! Love you! L

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